Sauna Rental



From the Finnish Sauna to the Turkish Hammam, Native American Sweat Lodge and Japanese Onsen, I’m fascinated by how cultures around the world adapt the therapeutic benefits of hot/cold conditioning. A local dose of fire and ice is usually the first thing on the menu for me whenever I travel. 

After receiving a Russian banya venik treatment from Nicolai (left) and Anton (right)
Silvia and I enjoying rotations between hot mineral hot springs and cold dips in a nearby river at Hobo Hot Springs in Saratoga, Wyoming.   
Tukish Hamam I enjoyed during a trip to the Black Sea last spring.
Cooling down between Sauna rounds, downtown Helsinki

Have you traveled recently and experienced thermaculture in any of its various forms? What stood out to you? What would you keep the same and what would you change to make the experience and benefits available in your community?