Sauna Rental



We’ve been reserving the smallest sauna at Sauna Village for guests who want to enjoy quiet during their steam rounds. I find myself slipping in there as often as possible and remembering why I love sharing this experience. 

Now, don’t get me wrong – Sauna talks are some of the best. I’ve laughed hard, delved deep into complex and heady topics, and cherished the emotional honesty and vulnerability in the Sauna. But there is something profoundly different about sitting and sweating in silence. Without the distraction of conversation, your stress and the chatter of your mind come to the surface.

Then, the body succumbs, breath eases into peace – the silence consumes you. 

This kind of intense silence coupled with the heat forces you to observe and digest things you might otherwise not notice – and just as quickly forces you to let go, but without effort. The magic of the heat takes over – the stress, the chatter – it all dissolves, slowly and gently like the steam itself coming off the rocks. 

Most of the people I’ve met who love sauna get this, and exhibit their own kind of understanding and gratitude for this simple and profound reset button. This is the golden kind of silence that tells you things you couldn’t hear until just now—and suddenly—now is new again.

In your Sauna practice – what do you prefer? Are you a social creature? Is Sauna a silent retreat?