Sauna Rental



Our Sauna Village now features a Sauna Tent from Snowtrekker winter camping. I’ve been collaborating with the company on this product since 2017. It’s been a slow burn but we’re finally ready with great heat!

I set up my first SnowTrekker tent 3 years ago when the company’s owners Duane and Margot Lottig sent one my way for testing.

After 22 years of R&D and hardcore winter camping experience, Duane and Margot realized the structure could actually acheive and sustain sauna temps. But they wanted to know how it fared compared to the saunas I’ve built, hosted, and experienced around the world.

What started as a weekend testing expedition has turned into a three year obsession to create a simpler way to enjoy a perfect sweat, and a product that we’re proud to include in Stokeyard Outfitters’ programming. 

But it was the steam that captured my heart. The space is small and, without thermal mass of all the wood in the hot room, I rely more on steam to punctuate each hot round with soft intensity. I love steam. I use a lot of it, similar to the Russian banyas and Turkish hamam I’ve been experienced (which is why they’re often built with tile). However, I’ve always done so a bit reluctantly in my mobile saunas because I know the moisture finds all kinds of cracks in my flooring (which leads to mold, rot and all kinds of issues I’d rather not worry about while I’m enjoying a good steam). One of my favorite things about this design is how I can pour buckets of water over my head without the slightest concern about mold and drainage.
The tent is made of a 7 ounce, high thread count, tight weave canvas that’s treated with a marine grade, preshrunk Sunforger for water repellency and mildew resistance. I also love how the entire tent—not just the hot room—dries out completely between each use, eliminating the issue of mold in the transition room (between the hot room and outside ) which is where the most condensation, and thus mold, typically hides in conventional saunas.
But the most important feature for me right now is the portability. I can set it up anywhere. No truck, no tools, no permit—and the 8×10 foot footprint fits easily in my tiny backyard. It’s so simple, yet elegant enough that I’ve been excited to share it with skeptical friends.
I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the temps the little structure can reach and sustain. The fabric and air pocket created by the tent-within-a-tent de sign is incredibly efficient.

Have you enjoyed or built an unconventional sauna structure? What did you learn along the way?

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