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This week for Stokeyard Outfitters’ blog, guest contributor Teke O’Reilly gives us a review of Garrett’s book Sauna Magic.

The book includes a chapter chronicling the early days of the mobile sauna movement that started in Minneapolis over a decade ago and is now spreading throughout North America. Garrett has been making regular trips to Minnesota while working on the book. It’s been such a pleasure to get to know him and an honor to have the work documented in such beautiful detail! But don’t take my word for it! I’ll let Teke tell ya more👇

– John  

Full disclosure: I get a couple of very kind mentions in this book, so my bias is a foregone conclusion. But truly, objectively speaking, this is an important work, and belongs in any Sauna lover’s library. I had the honor of meeting the author on a couple of occasions, as Garrett was traveling around the country collecting anecdotes and photographs for this book. I also had the privilege of giving some feedback on the text as it was developing. The finished product is nothing short of a mesmerizing magic spell. 

The first bit you feel in reading this book: Garrett’s passion for the subject. This is a book that, for him, needed to happen, because he clearly needed to testify in a substantial way to how much the experience of Sauna means – to his life, to general health, towards building communities and friendships, and to a shared connection by all enthusiasts who come under this spell around the world. 


The most impressive, and obvious, features of the book are its lavish photographs and high design. It’s a finely crafted book that opens easily on the lap, and invites the reader to share in a rich set of stories, all punctuated by photos that speak to the magic Garrett and all Sauna lovers are after. 


And it’s refreshing to see human bodies in their natural, relaxed state. So often here in the States, there is a shyness and disconnection from being comfortable in the buff. Garrett’s photography is moving in that it’s not sensational nor erotic in any way, just a matter of fact journal of a quiet, healthy place – where you can connect with your inner self – or your social circles – through the simple tradition of magical Sauna. 


Whenever I find myself unable to get access to Sauna here in Minneapolis, Minnesota – I take comfort in the pages of this fine book. You should too.

– Teke O’Reilly.