Stokeyard Outfitters
Sauna Village 


In 2019 we began staging & stoking our growing inventory of mobile sauna trailers & tents at 4700 Nicollet Avenue South, a spot we like to call The Sauna Village (formerly The Yard).

The southwest corner of 47th & Nicollet has quietly become the neighborhood’s center for wood-fired rejuvenation, ice bath chasers, connection, & quiet respite.

Partnering with:

Custom Mobile Saunas 



Snow Trekker Winter Camping

Offering weekly programming, private events, parties, rentals, & retreats.

January 2020


Program Information

We provide a hosted sauna experience to ensure optimal sauna conditions for all guests.

Wood-fired sauna, changing room, secure storage available.

Registration required  – please see calendar for ticket information.  

Alcohol not permitted on premises. Please arrive fully hydrated to maximize health benefits. 

Bathing suits are required at all times, flip-flops and a water bottle are highly recommended, as are 2 towels – 1 for your bench seat, another for drying. And for those of feeling luxurious, a robe is always fun.  

Sorry NO REFUNDS: Sauna Village is a tiny village – 4 to 13 seats – and the benches fill up fast. If you register for a spot, please be prepared to use it or lose it. 



$25 / 90 Minute Session

Open Village Hours

Wednesday: 5-8:30pm
Friday: 5-8:30pm
Saturday: 5-8:30pm
Sunday: 11-2:30pm

Reservation Required


Valid for all Stokeyard Outfitters Programs 
$5 discount for Passport holders & their guests

Pay $100 = Receive $125 in Passport Credit

Pay $200 = $250 in Passport Credit
Plus a felt wool Stokeyard Outfitters Sauna Hat!

Sauna Village Takeover

Group Retreats
Private Events
Guided Experience

Starting at $350